A broad perspective on marketing

I really recommend every self-aware marketer or entrepreneur to look beyond just the necessary dot on the horizon that has been determined for your organization. You should also look at where you come from, to the left, to the right, inwards and outwards. Marketing is more than reaching a target group with creative and activating content. Marketing also means providing staff who are aware of what you stand for and who know how to convey it. Marketing is also making sure that staff are aware of what you stand for and know how to convey it. Marketing also means standing for a good cause and taking responsibility.


With this holistic approach, marketing becomes more and more meaningful and makes a fully-fledged contribution as a director and guardian of value.


Hudson & the Dutchmen wields the broadest perspective on marketing. That is not always the easiest process, but it takes you even further than you envisioned.

Handtekening Hudson

A successful proces

A broad perspective in practice

Each project starts with a kick-off session. In addition to several people from the client’s organization, various Dutchmen will also be present at this kick-off. Because every client has a different challenge and is active in a different sector, the composition of the Dutchmen also varies during such a session.

The advantage that several Dutchmen with different expertise immediately look at the challenges, the potential and the objectives of the client during such a kick-off, is that a good overall picture is created of the full breadth of the possibilities and opportunities. Everyone gets to know each other immediately and that brings many advantages during the collaboration.

Different types of specialists are involved during the rollout of projects. For example, creatives participate in the implementation of online marketing, which is normally mainly a technical story. And vice versa, strategists participate in the creation of TV commercials or the design of a website. By always looking at the total picture with a broad perspective, projects will become many times stronger and their impact will also be much greater.

Two services where a broadest perspective can be of immediate value to organizations with divergent needs.

Marketing Coach

As an entrepreneur you are quickly too busy with current projects or, as a marketer, you want to regularly reflect. A fixed number of sparring hours per month with the Marketing Coach ensures focus in developing and improving your marketing and communication strategy.

Marketing Coach

Fix the basics

Put any amount in LinkedIn or Ads and the leads will start pouring in. If only that were true! If you want to make the right steps forward with your organization, you will first have to know how your organization is doing (online) at the moment. With a good check you know exactly where you stand and what should be improved.

Fix the basics