The one with the father

The right experience with your brand is the key to success and this is one of the three videos that we have edited for the Efteling accommodation campaign. This version starts with a fantastic father-son moment in the roller coaster. 




Client info

Efteling, a gigantic theme park in the Netherlands, has grown into an international attraction – a World of Wonders full of fairy-tale rides, spectacular musical shows and scenes from folklore and fable. Every day, the staff at Efteling do all they can to give their excited visitors a perfect experience. Efteling is full of magical things to see and do – more than will easily fit into a single day. Not a problem; spending the night in and around the park simply adds to the fun!

The Challenge

The marketing professionals at Efteling are demanding, and know exactly what they want. And what they want is business partners who are always ready to perform at their best. Fortunately, while they were looking for a partner to help create online commercials that embody the true spirit of Efteling, they found us. The assignment: to edit three new online commercials for the new park accommodation campaign. The deadline: within a week. As it happens, that’s the kind of challenge we love!

The Outcome

To edit the Efteling videos, we needed all our expertise in state-of-the-art technical requirements for online use. First, we reviewed each commercial shot by shot, to ensure each of them conveyed the park’s magic from every viewpoint. Then we started fine-tuning them, taking endless care as we tweaked the color grading, overlaid suitably upbeat music, and added the perfect voiceover. Finally, we supplied the client with multiple formats, each optimized for different applications – as various kinds of banners and as a pre-roll, using very different image sizes for each type of content. Now the commercials bounce right off the screen. If you live in the Netherlands, you’ll almost certainly have seen them – maybe you’re booking your tickets for Efteling right now!