2. Competitors CHECK

Step 2: quick wins & long term insights
Insights about the competition and opportunities

Who are you and how strong is your online position? In order to know this you need to know who your online competitors are and how successful their online activities are? Our online competitors check gives you a lot of strategic insights.

Know your clients and your competitors

For an optimal check we need to know your clients and their needs. Also what the difference is between your solutions and theirs. The check we offer you gives you the needed insights and often it turns out there are different and new competitors, so doing this check on a regular base would be wise.

The perfect mixture of experience and good sofware

With the available software we can scan Google and the different social media platforms. We collect a lot of valuable information about your competitors. This incredible valuable information is of great importance for your strategy on how en were to get your message to your audience.

Some of the insights we can give you with this check

  • The online presence of your competitors
  • What they are communicating
  • Where their are using ad’s
  • What is in those ad’s
  • Estimated budget they are using
  • If there’s a visible pr / content strategy and what its about
  • If there are any platforms you could use (un)like your competitor
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    Competitors Check
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Tanja Content Strategy Manager

René Head of design

Maurits Strategic Advisor

Jeroen Marketing Strategy Manager

Coen Creative Director

A weak communications mix will cost you a lot of valuable clients. Don’t start with your online campaigns without detailled insights on were you stand and who your competitors are.

Get ready to start your campaigns in 4 easy steps. Book the first three steps now and our senior specialists will get you the needed detailled information to fix the basics before starting your campaigns to get your message out there.

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