Marketing during
Corona crisis

During difficult economic times, you quickly lean towards one of these two options: Stop spending money or fully invest in marketing. If you have the financial means, the second can bring you a lot. But, take the time to do it right so that it is not wasted money.

Even during a crisis, there are still opportunities,
but there are no shortcuts. Start at the beginning.

Start right now!
How strong is your online position currently?
What is the competition doing? What are the opportunities?


We start with a thorough online check and a workshop (conference call) with your team, lead by a senior marketing strategist. We process the results in a strategic report with targeted advice and a plan of action. Not a bulky report, but a practically feasible plan.
This allows you to tackle the crisis with your own team or with our help.
Together we will bring your product or service to the attention of your target group.
Strategic plan

SEO Analysis

If you want to attract the right visitors to your website, you need to place high in Google searches. Online competition is fierce – for top rankings, your website needs to satisfy Google’s ever-changing guidelines. Before you kick off any campaigns, it makes sense to check your website’s current status, fix what needs to be fixed and optimize it for your prospects.

Google Guidelines

To attract the relevant eyeballs, you need a high Google ranking. Meaning your website must meet Google’s conditions – by satisfying hundreds of technical factors and substantive conditions and building a high degree of online authority.

SEO Check

After analyzing your online presence, our senior specialists produce an easy-to-read report with a series of action points for optimizing your website.

In short

  • Customer intake
  • Keyword inspection
  • Technical substantive and online authority analysis
  • Report with recommendations and action points


Who are you and how strong is your online positioning compared to the competition? To assess this, you have to know who your online competitors are – and in particular, how successful their online activities are. Our competition analysis gives you the strategic insights you need.

Know your customers, know your competitors

For a full, in-depth analysis, we need to know who your customers are and what they’re looking for. Your customers are used to searching for solutions online, so it’s essential that you deliver the right messages. It’s also important to highlight the differences between what you’re offering and what your competitors can offer.

Our competition analysis gives you the insights you need to make your message as visible as possible.

Some of the insights you can expect

  • How your competitors present themselves online
  • What messages your competitors are sending
  • How and where they use advertising
  • The content of their advertising
  • Estimates of their online budgets
  • Whether they have a visible PR/content strategy, and if so, what it focuses on
  • Whether there are similar/different platforms you could use to optimize your online presence.

Workshop & strategic plan

Normally we come to do the workshop with your team at your company. During the Corona crisis, we do the workshop online by means of a conference call. Holding a workshop with you and your team enables us to gather a lot of key information about your company, identity, USPs and what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past. Naturally, we will also address the specific challenges that this crisis poses. Using this information, plus the data from our online analyses, we draw up a strategic report. The report will tell you exactly how you’re positioned online, and what you can do to improve your online presence – step by step.


One of our senior strategists will lead a workshop with you and your team. By familiarizing ourselves with your product and online experience to date, we gain valuable additional insights. In return, you may discover that your product is even more unique than you thought it was, or that there’s plenty more to get your customers excited about. And that is exactly where you can make a difference in these difficult times.

Analysis and implementation

Our analyses plus the workshop provide us with a lot of valuable data. We translate all this data into information, then use it to draw up a crystal-clear report that’s ready to action. So you can take the right steps, in the right order, to obtain the best possible results in the short – and longer – term.

Exactly what you are looking for during these hard times? 


The first stage results in a valuable advisory document, complete with the insights and focused action plan you need to organize and optimize your online channels. This way, you can be sure your online campaigns will get the best possible results. Every business is different – so in each case, our advice on how to fix the basics is unique.

Our senior specialists can help you with everything you need.

  • Web development: minor adjustments, or a totally new website or online shop
  • Corporate identity: from new logo to full makeover, or the right corporate sound (audio branding)
  • Content: new copy, graphic design, videos, photography, and so on.


The first two stages have established a firm foundation – now it’s time to kick off your campaigns. The strategic advice we gave you also covers your short-term and longer-term marketing activities. Now more than ever is the time to make concrete plans, organize targeted campaigns, and create relevant creative content.

Get Started

  • Online marketing, content marketing, PR
  • Video content (teasers, testimonials, events, commercials)
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • And more
Tackle the crisis with these 3 steps!

Maurits Strategic Advisor

Coen Creative Director

Tanja Content Strategy Manager

Jeroen Marketing Strategy Manager

Dries Senior Consultant