Maurits Roos

Founding Director

Co-founder of Hudson & the Dutchmen, someone who believes in strong partnerships that benefit all parties involved, curious, socially involved and he likes to communicate from a powerful core, that is in short how I would describe Maurits.

His ambition to combine substantive messages and feeling ensured that he entered the marketing and communication field with a video background. From there he has grown into an all-rounder in marketing and communication.

From an early age he likes to work with others, his childhood dream was to become a member of the A-Team. It is therefore not surprising that he is one of the driving forces in all kinds of cooperation initiatives and in bringing together the Dutchmen… and preferably, if it where up to him, tackles all injustice in the world at the same time.

I love it

when a plan

comes together

Dutch summers

are the best

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Like all other Dutchmen, I asked Maurits a few questions to get to know him a little better on a personal level.

1.  Wie of wat inspireert jou?

“I used to not make time for it, but nowadays I love to read. There are a lot of inspiring books and writers that help me get to know myself better, both privately and professionally. And really knowing who you are and what you want… that’s the most important thing there is. ”

2. Name a place you’d like to visit but have never been to.

“Haha… The future! I’m very curious. And also very hopeful that, despite all the challenges, the world will be an even better place in thirty years.”

3. What do you appreciate most in people?

“I love people with a healthy amount of self appreciation. It is a healthy ingredient that can lead to personal development and growth. And hopefully this will also spread to others with a piece of positive conviction, which can also lead to collective growth.”

4. How about sports? Extreme sport or sports club, and which sport(s)?

“All ball sports; beach volley ball in particular. Especially with good wether in the warm sand.”

5. Which music genre do you relate to most?

“I find that a very difficult question …… There is not one kind, but to which kind of music I relate to the most is music with a story behind it. Like protestsongs and a lot of rapmusic…. Eminem for example.

6. What makes you happy?

“Summertime in the Netherlands.”


A broad view of the field, a broad interest and a connector. Someone who is super enthusiastic about the potential of organizations, products and initiatives. It is not without reason that Maurits was one of the first Dutchmen I selected for this company.  A person who can make our philosophy of the broadest view on marketing big.

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