Music First

“By using unique, striking music, a song, with our tv commercial 
we as NLE managed to bind 300% more customers in 1 month.
In a month! This clearly proves the power of music “


– CEO NLE (Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij) 

The music in this video literally makes you move. It makes you march!  “There is a revolution going on” and you can feel that with this music. This advertising campaign has delivered 300% more customers. Nominated for best TV commercial music 2016. 





Client info

The NLE has positioned itself as the largest independent energy supplier in the Netherlands. As they describe themselves, they have been lovingly opening up traditional markets since 2005. Because they believe “the more competition, the lower the prices. And all the better the service. And all the more innovation. “

The Challenge

With 40-second commercials, she wanted to put away a convincing story that deeply touches people. Music is again of great importance as only 1 sentence of voice over is used. It must look grand and legendary and have an atmosphere that stimulates people to take action, just like the rest of the Netherlands. 

The Outcome

A piece of music that exceeded all expectations. Perfectly matched the wish. After this campaign, the NLE had 300% more customers.