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A combination of attractive styling, ultra-low weight, seriously high performance and race-car-like road holding – that’s what Dutch automaker Donkervoort stands for. For nearly 40 years, Donkervoort has been developing authentic, hand-built sports cars – no-compromise performance machines that cause car enthusiasts’ hearts to flutter. No compromise means no nonsense – so no pampering electronics, no unnecessary luxury, just a pure-bred driving experience. To draw attention to their latest project and really build up the excitement and anticipation, they called us in.

The Challenge

Donkervoort asked us to help them launch their latest model, the Donkervoort D8 GTO. A gorgeous, high-performance sportster capable of producing between 340 and 380 bhp, the new car is significantly larger than its predecessors – but barely any heavier, at around 700 kg. Despite stunning acceleration, it’s surprisingly easy to control – even the most experienced Donkervoort drivers are blown away by its handling. Donkervoort wanted to whip enthusiasts into a frenzy – and ensure maximum coverage for the actual launch – by dropping pre-launch hints. So they asked us to produce a stunning, sensuous teaser in the form of a video that would give viewers a glimpse of the car while leaving plenty to the imagination. “Grab customers’ attention in a fun way, but don’t show too much,” they told us. Now that’s the kind of assignment that makes us happy!

The Outcome

Well, we were right – a good teaser does attract a lot of attention! There was a huge surge of interest in the latest Donkervoort model among sports car enthusiasts worldwide.


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