SiliconCore Technology is a true innovator and world-leading pioneer in the field of LED displays – the company’s unique, patented technologies appear in a range of beautiful products. Proud of their technical prowess, they regularly share it with the world – and especially with their target audiences and prospective customers. SiliconCore’s main communication takes place online. During major events, the company distributes videos that convey the excitement surrounding their latest technology. The latest videos cover the company’s cutting-edge LISA (LED in Silicon Array) technology.

The Challenge

Most years, the SiliconCore team presents their very latest innovation to the public at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show in Amsterdam’s RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre. For SiliconCore, the top priority is to show prospective customers the company’s latest developments, both during and after the event. Like us, SiliconCore believes in the power of videos to excite visitors and attract them to the company’s exhibition stand. For us, the challenge is to create videos that are inspiring, attractive – and meet SiliconCore’s rigorous requirements for content.

The Outcome

A good event video conveys an intense, engaging atmosphere in brief but highly evocative ways. Effective videos encourage viewers to take action, and the key to an effective event video is to convey just enough atmosphere and information to really capture your target audience’s interest. We do this by making close, personal contact with as many members of the target audience as possible on the first day of the five-day ISE trade show. We edit our videos the same day, so they can be shared the very next morning on all of SiliconCore’s social media platforms. As a result of this work, highly relevant visitors are attracted to the stand for the remainder of the show. SiliconCore has hired us to create event videos every year. The company often uses the raw video footage for other channels or purposes, editing new videos together from our recordings. We encourage our clients to recycle content! By combining event videos with a well-briefed exhibition team, you can draw attention to upcoming events and attract the right target audience to your exhibition stand, so your team can start making deals…


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