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The OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam is one of Europe’s leading specialists in the handling and storage of dry bulk products such as coal, agricultural products, minerals and biomass, representing an annual volume of around 22 million tonnes. TES Industrial Systems BV specializes in developing customized solutions for electrical installations, including drives and control systems. The company guarantees that the end-result will be professional, durable, easy to use, and meet the highest operating and safety standards.

The Challenge

On behalf of OBA, TES developed a full-hybrid drive system to power the largest floating bulk crane in the Netherlands. This technical tour-de-force had to be presented in public as soon as it became operational. Both companies also wanted the videos to provide interested parties with plenty of useful information – not just to sell the full-hybrid technology, but to showcase their joint expertise. And, of course, to demonstrate that both companies know how to push boundaries! In addition, OBA wanted to emphasize the company’s investments in sustainable technology – yet another reason for distributing a well-crafted video communicating these different aspects of the project in the right ways.

The Outcome

Because this was a long-term project, it was important to deliver the communication in multiple stages. First, we developed a teaser to give all parties involved a clear idea of what it was about and what made it unique, showing employees of both organizations what all the work and planning was aiming to achieve. Then we focused on the corporate videos. First, for OBA. The company believes in constantly reviewing what they’re about, what they do, and whether it’s environmentally sustainable. We translated this into a video that clearly shows all the things they’re doing and have done to fulfill their social responsibilities. For TES, we then developed a corporate video that demonstrates how well the company understands the needs of its target markets, and how it develops and delivers tailormade products that satisfy them. Our videos for OBA and TES make clear how valuable both companies’ knowledge and expertise is to other organizations facing technical issues and challenges. In the process, we realized how useful this kind of video is for companies that need to keep customers or stakeholders informed of the progress of lengthy projects in visually interesting and attractive ways. These videos add value to long-term projects by helping to re-motivate everybody involved and re-justify the – often considerable – investment. As for us: the teaser and corporate videos perfectly showcased our ability to bring things together: cooperation, innovation, sustainability, unique expertise – and (very) satisfied clients!


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