Step 1: creating a firm foundation
Get ready for a top position in Google

To attract as much relevant visitors to your website a good position in Google is of great value. To bad there is a lot of competition and to gain a high ranking your websites needs to meet all the ever changing Google guidelines. So before you start campaigning it is wise to check the current state of your website so you can fix what needs to be fixed.

Google Guidelines

For gaining a high Google ranking to attract relevant visitors, your website has to meet the needed conditions. There are hundreds of Technical factors, Substantive conditions and the degree of online authority.


Analyzing your website by using our senior specialists results in an easy to read report with all the needed action points on how to optimize your website.


  • Intake
  • Keyword inspection
  • Technical and Substantive analysis
  • Report with action points
  • 1

    SEO Check
  • 2

    Competitors Check
  • 3

    Workshop & Advice
Full checks, Workshop & Advice

Tanja Content Strategy Manager

René Head of design

Maurits Strategic Advisor

Jeroen Marketing Strategy Manager

Coen Creative Director

A weak communications mix will cost you a lot of valuable clients. Don’t start with your online campaigns without detailled insights on were you stand and who your competitors are.

Get ready to start your campaigns in 4 easy steps. Book the first three steps now and our senior specialists will get you the needed detailled information to fix the basics before starting your campaigns to get your message out there.

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