Tilburg, the first city with its own sound?

Published on: Oct 7, 2018

A piece of music & various variations

What if you immediately could hit the exact right nerve with every message you send into tho world? What if people don’t just read or understand, but really feel your message. This is possible with good music.

Research shows that with the right music you can emotionally bind the recipient of your message more easily. Rhythms and therefore also music, have a unique effect on our brains so that we feel a bond more quickly and are immediately willing to get in action.

Suppose you have a piece of music with various variants, so you can make sure that every contactmoment with your audiance has the right tone of voice.



Make sure you involve the city population

A piece of music from the city is only really of the city if it has also been created by the people of the city. The process to achieve a good sound is just as important as the final sound itself. If civil servants, the population and the business community are involved in such a process, it really lives. Then there is a bond and support is created. The trick is to share it in the right way with the people in the city. A way that ensures that it becomes something for everyone. If you use music the way you should, it connects people and encourages even more action.

Erwin Music Composer

Claire Sustainable Communication Expert

Anne-loes Imagineer

Tanja Content Strategy Manager

Coen Creative Director

Maurits Strategic Advisor

Emotion encourages action and can ensure loyalty

When you want to create real commitment to your brand, you commit yourself to addressing people there where they feel really touched. Only when people feel emotionally involved they are prepared to really connect with a product, a service or with a city council / municipality.

The Music First method by Erwin Steijlen has inspired Coen, Maurits and various others from the Hudson & the Dutchmen team. It was Coen who came up with the idea of challenging Erwin. Erwin has already made fantastic corporate sounds for many major brands, what if we start a project where we create a Sound of the City? Erwin was sold. Immediately. But he insisted that we would start with Tilburg.