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What would you do if you saw your dream car for sale online, but it is on the other side of the world? Marlog Car Handling solves that problem for you by transporting your car in a safe and reliable way. Marlog is a trendsetter in the world of car transport. And a reliable partner, which is proven by the fact that not only private individuals but also experienced dealers and the largest car brands work with them.

However, the transport industry is a very competitive sector and that is why Marlog called in our help. They wanted a stronger online position in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. This meant that they wanted to be clearly visible to the target groups, both organically and with paid search results, and that an increasingly stronger and more attractive brand had to be built.



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The challenge

Marlog Car Handling works in a very competitive industry both in the Netherlands and in other countries. And that is immediately noticeable when you map the online landscape. In addition, Marlog has an ambitious team where people know exactly what they want, primarily a market leader role in both the offline and online world. Realizing a lot of online visibility among the target group of Marlog was a challenge that we were happy to take on with our team.


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The execution of this project

During a targeted kick-off session, we mapped exactly what kind of organization we were dealing with, where their strengths and where their greatest challenges lay. By looking at this new client from various specialisms, we were able to make a proposal to Marlog in which they had full confidence. Subsequently, the primary focus was creating visibility and findability in Google.


Marlog had been active through Google Ads for years and in our opinion there was still a lot to be gained there. And that turned out to be the case. By properly organizing the campaigns, it is ensured that they are very easy to find for the target groups. Organizing the campaigns well is particularly important for companies such as Marlog, which operate in a super competitive sector.


Marlog’s organic positions have also been greatly improved, so that they quickly come up in Google for relevant search terms. In addition, it was precisely mapped out how the website could be technically optimized so that this could be tackled in collaboration with the web developer.


However, marketing is much more than just a technical story. Both on your website and with advertisements, communication is extra strong if you know how to involve your target group with your brand on a more emotional level. That is why photos and videos have been created for Marlog, in which the themes respond to the specific needs of target groups.

The results

The approach we have chosen has proven to be very successful. Marlog now has a strong position in Google on all relevant search terms. At the same time the continuous optimization of the advertisements ensures a sharp increase in high-quality visitors. The result: many more orders.

Due to strong advertisements and search engine optimization in combination with strong visual aspects, Marlog Car Handling has gained many target customers as a client! Their online position has been greatly strengthened. The powerful combination of SEO and advertising is extremely valuable to Marlog and is persistently effective.

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The powerful marketing team of senior specialists has thoroughly researched what this client specifically needs. And that’s how it should be with every client, right?