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If there’s one Dutch company that’s up and coming, online and off, it’s Their commercials appear daily on Dutch television; their market share is rapidly growing. In short, they successfully stand out in a highly competitive marketplace! After all, anybody can sell a bicycle online. But it takes someone special to provide expert help and advice, high-speed delivery and a high standard of service both before and after the purchase. And it takes someone unique to offer this whole package at the very best prices!

The Challenge

We were asked to translate the company’s excellence into convincing TV commercials. described the assignment in terms as clear as they were challenging: “We want impactful commercials that make it impossible for consumers to forget us! Make sure our Unique Selling Points positively leap off the screen – quickly and clearly.” And to cap it all, they wanted a tone of voice that would work across all age groups.

The Outcome

There’s only one way to foreground your Unique Selling Points for maximum impact. And that’s to respond specifically and directly to the target audience’s Unique Buying Reasons. After the first television commercial, the online retailer noticed a significant jump in sales. And once the full TV advertising campaign had been deployed, got the sales boost they were hoping for – not to mention the positive impact of our commercials on brand awareness and brand recognition!


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